Mick and Trudie who are they?

Mick is originally from Tamworth (central England) he first visited Turkey in 1988 working as a holiday rep/manager in Bodrum. In Turkey he is known as Mick Amca (Uncle Mick).

Trudie comes from Blandford Forum in Dorset (South of England), and qualified as a nurse in 1990.

In 2002 Trudie first came to Turkey looking for property investments!

On one of Trudie's longer trips during 2004 she was introduced to Mick at a bar he had just opened next to the Fethiye Marina (Turkey) and they shared a coffee together - they have been inseperable ever since!! 2007 they tied the knot and married (although neither seemed sure which year it was ahaha).

They have five fabulous children.

Willow, Melodi, Tom, Tanyeli and Laura.

Mick and Trudie worked together for the first 12 years of their relationship developing a property portfolio in the UK.

This is what helps to support them while growing their YouTube channel.

Trudie manages the portfolio which allows Mick time to edit filming, which can take him hours...he's a perfectionist!!

Camera equiptment, good software, travel expenses are all essential for film producing great content.

Anyone wishing to support their channel are invited to use the links on the page.

They welcome all kinds of support from simply clicking the youtube subscribe button, sharing the Mick and Trudie channel with family and friends, or one off donations. 

A note from Mick and Trudie:

"Thank you to everyone for all your support, we would not have the growing channel we have today without the wonderful subscribers, followers and kind donations. We will continue to bring you quality and exciting films that will hopefully encourage the young and 'not' so young :) to get out and explore!"

Dara Southeast Turkey

Davraz Ski resort

Olu Deniz


Now Mick and Trudie are based in Turkey following there dream and lifetime passion to travel and share their experiences in simple documentaries on their Youtube channal. 


Mick bought his first video camera 38 years ago ! Creating interesting video films has been his artistic passion ever since .

In October 2016 he had one of his environmental films, which was in Turkish, go viral on Facebook with  over 10 million hits in one week

Since then he's spoken at seminars and universities on environmental issues and his films have been shown on several national TV channels and used in schools and colleges in Turkey.

Recent Uploads on YouTube

Antakya in Hatay the province

Now we're sharing our life time experiences in video and travel to give a positive insight into places in the world that we have lived or travelled together

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Side resort, Turkey

Living in Turkey for so long, Mick speaks reasonable Turkish, so if you want to learn some good everyday Turkish click the link

Video Editing

Digital video technology has advanced so much in recent years, 25 years ago a broadcast video camera would have weighed 10 Kg. Our modern cameras weigh less than 1Kg and the broadcast picture quality is as clear as your eyes can see! 

Editing video footage today using state of the art software, can create transitions and effects equal to any broadcasting TV station. Virtually any visual effect can be added and insert edited, with no loss of quality. Full HD 1080 picture quality is becoming the industrial standard now and will soon be moving to 4K.

Gear I use

Lumix GH5, Lumix G80, Sony AX53 for Vlogging in the car etc and the DJi Mavic Air 2 drone

Dji osmo action for underwater

Contact Mick & Trudie    Email  mickandtrudie@yahoo.co.uk